Do you think email marketing still works?

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Jas Mowgod
It really depends on the industry, audience and offering. If it's used to enhance other marketing campaigns, it could always help.
It works and it depends on your audience, how well you are able to drag their attention and how well you present what they are going to gain.
dee mirai
People have been asking if email marketing works for nearly twenty years. The answer now is the same as then — yes. Most of the time when I see email marketing failing, it's because they're spamming.
Nick Hutton
Yes, yes, yes. Email is still a great place to build a relationship with your customers. You have to be smart about the content, and the segmenting of your customer lists, but I've seen great results.
Matthew Buitendijk
Yes it does. Anyone that says it doesn't is just targeting the wrong people or is spamming. Some time ago I worked for a company where we created a community for our most loyal customers and were able to achieve a 10% conversion rate with every email.
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
It's up to your audience's behaviors. If they spend most of their time on social media or other internet platforms, your approach will not not work.
Aron Kornhall
If not, there wouldn't be any spam.
andrey ksandinov
i think no one reads them