Do you think crypto is too hard to understand and to work with?

Akshat Mittal
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Basically title. Do you think Crypto is too confusing, or hard to understand? Would you have considered learning more about it if it was simpler or more understandable?
Way too hard
It's fine


There is definitely a learning curve for most people but once you get there - it's really not that hard. To me, there are tons of resources to learn about how to invest in Crypto - it's more about why/would/should you invest. That said, I overheard a discussion last night by two people discussing how crypto currency "mining" was hurting the environment. That would have been fine, but they were describing the mining of the coins from the earth. Yes, like traditional mining of precious metals. They had read some news headlines about crypto "mining" and the only mining they knew was in the earth. It was kind of funny to listen to but I inserted myself into the conversation to explain what crypto mining was and that it consumed a lot of earth digging needed.
good girl
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