Do you think CRM tools available today are really complex and a little expensive?

Ishan Sheikh
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Tools like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SAP, etc. are very complex for SMBs. I have worked as a CRM Developer and found that many times the customers didn't use many of the product features compared to the price they are paying. There are some other players too like Zoho, Hubspot, freshsales, etc, but I also find that there UX is not that impressive for non-technical users (sales team) who are going to use those systems. There is always a need of a developer to make some customizations.


John Koo
There's no doubt CRM is a complex system and every company has its own process. In order to benefit from what's best for them, they have to pay for undervalued features.
Carmela Padasas
More like this content, pleaseee. But yes, I think it is. I'm using Zoho for my email and not paying for my brand email, anything else has payment. Tho it will depend on their user's purpose, me its just business emails.
Jordan Shlosberg
The CRM door is wide open with GPT4. The entire process of how things are done in every industry will be re-invented. The longer you exists, the bigger you get, the worst your UX becomes because different pools of customers want different things and you end up with a soup that tries to please everyone
Abhinav Yadav
@jordans agree with both the points.
Abhinav Yadav
I think CRM is a big industry but hard to consolidate under one simple product. The problem is not just with the UI but also with how to manage diverse sets of customer data on the same platform.
Vladimir Zivkovic
They are definitely not very easy to use and the complexity can sometimes prevent the customers to use it, I don't think it's very expensive but that depends on the outcome you are getting from the CRM.