Do you think an AI can come up with good business ideas? I'll show you some examples I got!

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Can an AI come up with new & unique business idea (at least the AIs we currently have today)? My answer is yes, that's why I actually turned it into a free newsletter ( Let me give you 10 examples, every idea is AI generated. 1. A website that helps people find and connect with others based on types of books they like to read. 2. Apps that help senior citizens manage their health, or connect them with their family members. 3. A platform that allows someone to ask a question, and have an expert answer it in a specific field in a short amount of time. 4. An app that helps people bond with one another at big gatherings, by helping them by finding common interests and topics to talk about. 5. An online marketplace that helps students sell their notes to other students. 6. A website that helps people make better investing decisions by using artificial intelligence to analyze financial charts. 7. An app where you can hire house cleaners in minutes for cheap prices. (Fiverr but only for cleaners.) 8. A social network for introverts. 9. A website that allows you to upload a .txt file of a project idea you have and a bot generates a detailed project plan. 10. A dating app where you can only chat with people near you. Please tell me your opinions & suggestions! Also I also appreciate any prompt idea which I can feed to the AI to get better results!


Natasha Claydon
well, these ideas look cool - non of them crossed my mind. I just generate content through AI tool for the website