Do you think about building guarantees into your product?

Rahul Sharma
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I think the best products come with guarantees. For example, Google Maps guarantees the lowest ETA. AWS guarantees the highest possible uptime. Amazon has 3 guarantees - Widest selection. Lowest Price. Fastest Delivery. This is why our product Nirvana.Work is built for guarantees too... For example, Nirvana guarantees that all features will be built in the fastest possible time. And that all features will be delivered on time. Do you think about building guarantees too? What guarantee are you building?


Ayush Kumar Singh
Building guarantees is basically trying to provide the highest level service in that exact context you want to build it in. So, whatever you have that is greater than all the products is more or less a guarantee that your product provides. In the starting stages it is hard to provide guarantee I have done it by providing chrome extensions and edge extensions for every media platform my website supports downloading for it helps to get us users also people are more keen to use our product as it always works much faster in comparison to other sites. It also has no ads so it's a advantage for everyone.
Rahul Sharma
That's true. We think of first-principles thinking as a way to provide that highest level of service. Balaji Srinivasan talks about The Idea Maze, and that founders know the right path through it: To me the idea of the guarantee is like a compass. It guides you through the maze toward the highest level of service.