Do you struggle with idea validation (for products/features/enhancements)? if so, what part?

Junior Owolabi
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For me the struggle was effectively leveraging the advice I got online: - a landing is ok, but it still requires you to independently drive to your website (if you are unaware of how to articulate the value proposition effectively, your landing page will have no conversations). - build an audience around the problem you are solving, how? social media posts and content marketing, create and curate content to post/publish despite have a full-time job, and having little to no experience with marketing or money to pay a marketer. Customer interviews helped greatly but they too have issues of their own: - reviewing all the interviews and objectively finding insights to support/rejected my assumptions about the customer problem and ideal customer(s), so the validated assumptions can be prioritised and the invalided ones can be scrapped. - when the problem is validated, rapidly ideating/prototyping then observing people using these prototypes via the customer (or solution) interviews and other mediums, for real-time solution in/validation as well as people’s opinions and reactions when using the prototypes. What challenges do you face when doing idea validation? are they different to mine.
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