do you struggle with creating a perfect landing page for your product?

sagar kolwankar
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I'd say build a landing page that makes sense to you, have your friends and colleagues test it and don't take their feedback lightly, and then use a tool like Google Optimize to AB test variants of the site until you find an LP that really hits the mark. In all honesty, every landing page has room to improve and conversion rate optimization is something that can always help your landing page. So just go for it and improve along the way!
David Tran
It would take a while to craft the perfect landing page. Don't do it alone. Start with a mockup first, find a good designer to make a design for you, and then ask your friends, or product hunters at here for advices. Test it with Facebook, Reddit ads, and tweak the landing page until it is perfect.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Building a landing page is a process. You will never end up with something perfect and even if you reach your goals, you will always try to optimize your LP performance. So yes it's not easy to build a LP. At we did a lot of A/B testings (revise copy, change the colors...) and we are pretty much happy with the pages we have today, even if there is still room for improvements.