Do you recommend launching while in closed beta or once signups are open to everyone?

Rohit Patel
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Hey everyone. We've been working on our product for nearly a year now. And we're currently in a closed beta - people can request an invitation code and we send them out as it makes sense. Everything looks stable and we're hoping to enter an open beta period where people can just sign up without invitation codes. It's a product for startup founders called Ataeum
Launch on PH while in closed beta
Launch on PH once signups are open
It's immaterial


Calum Webb
Hey Rohit, I'd recommend launching on PH once signups are open, your product might not be eligible to be shown on the homepage if you launch it pre-launch!
Akash Bhadange
Co-founder @
Definitely once the signups are open. Because we don't want to add an unnecessary friction of waitlist for those early adopters.
Ruben Wolff
While you can launch a beta version, I think it is better for you to wait for the second scenario. When signups are open, people on launch day will be able to navigate on your product, will probably ask more questions, and the overall results are likely to be more encouraging and stimulating
Pablo Fatas
Head of Community @SigmaOS 🐢
PH is a great chance to get a big influx of users. So ideally you would want to impress them with a more polished product than that of a closed beta. I suggest having a closed beta to see how people react to your product and customize it a bit for a better chance at a great launch :)
Paul Glushak
Maker of and
Launching means a product is available for the general public to try (even in beta), which means you can't "launch" a closed beta. Semantics aside, if you post your project and people can't try it, they will lose interest immediately. That would at least be me response.
TL Robinson
Founder, GOTU
Launch in (open) BETA. PH users can still access the work and provide you with critical feedback that can be utilized to have an improved product at launch.
Rohit Patel
Founder, Ataeum
Thanks everyone for the feedback. This makes the decision straightforward.
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Vali Lupoaie
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once singups are open. I mean, you can still launch before that, but at least make sure you can gather email addresses to inform the subscribers when you actually launch. Did the same for Ollie.