Do you prefer working in the office,from home or hybrid in 2022 and why?

Ajinkya Chikhale
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Leyla Aliyeva
I prefer working from home because of multiple reasons like: you’re in front of your family members you can see your children grow, you’re comfortable with the work life balance...
Rich Watson
From home ofc. More efficient, cna get more done.
Maxwell Davis
Still prefer working from home - but I'll admit I get more done at work!
Qudsia Ali
I prefer a hybrid system. It allows us to enjoy the benefits of being at the office and working from home.
Hina Ashfaq
Remote work where I have more control over everything.
Ivan Mamonov
Trying to combine remote & office. Depends on task volume/day of the week/mood.
David J. Kim
Hybrid. Home for focus, office for collaboration.