Do you play a musical instrument?

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I'm pondering my next project to build with This time my focus will be much more on a subject I'm passionate about, which is Music. In particular for me it's learning Jazz Guitar. I've worked in IT for about 25 years and in that time I've noticed a lot of IT people are also musicians to some degree. I'm curious if there are a lot of musicians within Tech Twitter, ProductHunt, Indie Hackers etc. I've started a poll over at twitter as a baby step to assessing the lay of the land, then will go from there. If you are a 'Muso', then I'd love to hear about what problems you'd love to solve, that could be solved with technology and automation. One possible thing I'll pursue is a single location to store the huge variety of learning resources. In my case I have Jamie Aebersold books, website links, free jazz lessons, paid jazz lesson material from Matt Warnock, written notes from a guitar teacher, printed out web pages, lists of chord shapes, audio files, midi files, garageband files, spark amp settings, links to communities.. etc etc. I'd love to consolidate this in one place, where each resource is tagged.. i.e I can then filter for 'Autumn Leaves' and EVERY resource I know about is surfaced. I can then formulate this into a practice plan. Anyhoo, any thoughts on this are welcome.. and for now my twitter poll is running for the week over at [ps I've posted this same message over at IndieHackers if you'd prefer to chat there:] ..Marty


Ezra Sandzer-Bell
Marketing manager, small business owner
Hey Marty, I relate to your message a lot. Grew up playing in bands, migrated to b2b software marketing, and this year I founded a music software company called AudioCipher. It's been a satisfying way to resolve my passion for music with my enjoyment of marketing and product development. Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss more!