Do you have favorite sales & marketing automation workflows?

Anna Pozniak
3 replies
Hey community! I am working on an ebook, where I'd like to feature real-world sales automation workflows (pre-sales, lead nurturing, or customer retention) that generate great results! If you have an effective workflow to share, I'd be happy to include it into the book and give all the shoutouts to you :) The book will be heavily promoted!


Fabian Maume
Founder of
I send you a contact request on Linkedin. developed many automation workflows, so I will be happy to have a discussion on the topic.
Anna Pozniak
PR & Comms at NetHunt CRM
@fabian_maume Thanks! Replied to you on LinkedIn :)
Dmitry Korzhik
CEO at Altum Analytics
We use Apollo+Waalaxy+Hubspot:)