Do you find VPN safe and useful?

Mohammad Shamsuddoha
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Recently, the Bangladesh government has put some restrictions on the use of Facebook and messenger. In that situation, all most every Bangladeshi user uses many free VPN apps to smooth facebook and messenger uses. Because almost every e-commerce page reached in zero sales during that time. But my query is, how do you find VPN safe? Need your opinion.


Sonali Sarkar
I don't think that VPN is Safe.
Fardous Karims
I think VPN is not safe to use in Android.
Carlos Leyva
"safe" is a matter of what's relevant to you. VPN is useful to access and bypass these type of restrictions, but depends what you want to use it for. There is definitely a log of the access kept somewhere but you need to screen for companies and identify which ones are more likely to keep it private (if that's what you're aiming for). Beyond VPN there could be different ways to track for access these days... I mean all our devices have specific signatures, so many cookies flying around.. Idk I just think you should use a VPN if you want access to things you won't likely have access to and also for accessing through a server IP instead of your network provider one. unfortunately, there are no magic pills for security
Elliot Maxwelle
I don't think Its safe on android. but on windows and mac It might be
Nazmun Nur
VPN is very useful but not 100% safe.
Md Ferdous
a Do you think VPN safe?
Billal Hosen
not safe for all situation.
Bayazid Bustami
VPN is most usefull apk for android.
Md Ferdous
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joshua mendoza
you have to read the reviews from that specific vpn. there are a lot of vpn where you could trust using
Foysol Ali
VPN is very useful apps for bad time but not safe.
Nur Shahin
No I don't think VPN is protected however its valuable. Those are two unique things undependable regarding it can't shield you from getting to infections, however valuable such that it can cover your area.
Laurence Frappier
i would not trust free VPN, a paid subscription is quite affordable and much safer.
Hurma Javed
depends upon how u r using it
Al Faisal
Yes, I find VPN so much helpful. Some times I can not access several sites in my country. Or the site is slow in my country. In these cases, I use VPN. But I think VPN is not always safe.
Asraful Islam
A good VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – comes with plenty of benefits. ... A good VPN will also secure your internet connection, protect your privacy and conceal your identity, keeping you safe from hackers or anyone else who might be trying to keep tabs on your online activity.
Abdul Qadir
We setup our own cloud servers and install Wireguard VPN for our internal use. We can quickly change servers and maintain static IPs that we need for our use cases. Wireguard is awesome, it's secure and encrypted and easy to setup.