Do you feel there are tools to help you monitor social media impacting your mood?

Britain Taylor
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Aurelian Spodarec
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That's interesting. I don't. However, I can notice how something changes my mood and what I'm likely to do or not in the upcoming hour. I've noticed that when I see something such as "police chase", "lockdown", "innocent person killed" my mood changes and it drains me. I don't watch news, nor TV, but sometimes you have a person tell you what they watched. Same goes with video games, I don't play games but once a while I will do, and when I do, I don't want to work on my stuff anymore. Playing a game such as GTA messes up my dopamine levels way too much even if its just an hour. Except when I have things that give me bigger dopamine, then such games actually don't have a big impact on me. I started to tell people off those who parrot what they seen in TV about someone's death or such, as I don't need to know this. I don't need to know who died. I don't need to know what celebrity said about a virus, I don't need to know what they ate in the morning. A lot of these things though makes me less sensitive as well, and I'm starting to understand that's just life. I'm aware that my gran will eventually die, my mum, people I know etc... part of life, you move on. You're always going to be alone in life. I'm in my early-ish twentees and I'm sure older people on PH can probably relate as they are further in the journey. This is also off-off topic probably, though interesting question. I feel like you would need a psychologist and you would need to be monitored for such tool to exist, but maybe I'm wrong - perhaps there's Ai with equipment that monitors you and is able to learn based on your behaviour, facial expressions, what you do, what you usually do and create a pattern. I suppose if this doeasn't already exist, it will. Its a scary thing though, since this will essentially learn about you. Even more info about yourself. It feels like were heading into times where privacy won't exist, as we can be sure this will be hacked - no matter what security "experts" say. If Google, Apple, FaceBook etc... can be hacked so will this - whoever makes this tool.