Do you enjoy your profession and why?

Armen Tadevosyan
5 replies
What profession do you have? What enjoys you in your work and what you don't like?


Jaskiran Kaur
Yes, I like my profession. It helps me to know how a brand becomes and how it will grows.
Armen Tadevosyan
@jaskiran_kaur cool. Does your speciality help you in your life?
Vera Mirzoyan
I do enjoy my work as an SEO Specialist! What makes me happier about it is the constant change. I can't be sure about what will Google come up with tomorrow and it is kind of challenging. As for me, I like facing new challenges. BTW, once I feel I don't enjoy the profession but just work, I'll just leave that specialty and look for new opportunities.
Biff Mccasland
I really like the work of a flight attendant. I like that people perceive me as a person who is ready to help them at any moment. I also really like the same good professionals as my work with me. The prospect of working at the airport has always attracted me. However, after reading this article two years ago, I realized that I really want to become a professional flight attendant. Many doors are open to airport employees. I'm received with respect in many countries of the world. Also, between flights, I have the opportunity to walk around beautiful cities. How can I not like it?