Do you ask credit card for trial?

Ankit Sharma
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I have some facts from- Companies that require a credit card upfront have an average conversion rate of 2%, whereas those without credit cards can have a higher conversion rate. Totango reported trials with no credit card had an average visit-to-lead conversion of around 10%, though the lead-to-customer conversion was only around 15%. Research by SaaS Customer Engagement Platform firm Totango indicates that companies who require a credit card at the time of sign-up experience extremely high conversion rates, with a reported average of 50% trial to paid customer conversions.


so that the future customers have a total confidence and trigger more easily the desire to test our product Verticalls we do not ask for a card and the test and without commitment
@enola_vedovotto Exaclty! Sometimes we forget that we are all people (not numbers). Without confidence, complete a transaction is going to be hard to :)
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This study will be more useful if we knew the actual number of persons that converted to sales in each scenario. Non-credit card trials have a poor conversion rate since they typically contain many relevant and irrelevant sign-ups for trials, and only those who find the app useful convert to sales.
Ankit Sharma
@qudsia_ali but if the tool is new then how can they trust it quickly?
Andrei Petrik
Currently, we don't. But you should test to see what makes sense. You may sacrifice conversion rates in exchange for highly qualified leads/users.
I think Requesting credit cards for free trials will help you get more qualified leads, better conversion rates, and shorten your sales process. Not requesting credit cards for free trials will lower user barriers, generate more leads, avoid refunding, and build trust with your users. My Insite
Ankit Sharma
@indigocardtips but nowadays almost every saas giving trial without credit card. Even the biggest brands do not ask for it and they are still getting good leads.
Hey, very interesting discussion here! It does make sense that someone who is willing to give a credit card (which implies the decision to accept a possible future payment) is going to convert way easier than someone who is not in that stage of compromise. I don't think someone who first landed on your website by accident is going to give you the credit card out of the blue without doing further research. On the other hand, someone who doesn't have to acquire that compromise might open a trial account out of curiosity. We should forget about percentages and study the numbers in base on the total number of users and their whole customer journey to have an accurate answer. My bet is with the no credit card so I can get more people in and then use that smooth sign-up to accelerate the stages of the customer journey for those users.
Angel mai
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Emily Harris
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Nick Bess
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