Do you actually pay attention to what is being presented when attending a remote meeting?

Marc Gingras
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Sanja Mitar
I chose this option but it really depends on what the meeting is about and how directly or indirectly relates to my work.
Jamie Bursey
Mostly yes but if the speaker is talking without a break it can be difficult to focus. At a certain point the call should become conversational.
Maxwell Davis
Usually as I try not to attend anything I won't have an interest in!
Misha Krunic
Yes, because I attend meetings that are important to me and directly relate to what I'm working on.
Maurer also advises against trying to squeeze multiple things into a single meeting. "Keep the focus on one or two topics. If you must cover more items, then give people time to stretch, take a bathroom break, or replenish their coffee. Keep each segment of the meeting short - no longer than 30 minutes." ePayitonline