Do we need webhooks in spreadsheets?

Sourabh Choraria
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I'm a bit biased to answer my own question because I work with spreadsheets (happily so) day-in and day-out and am also obsessed with the way webhooks work along with the kind of flexibility they provide in the API world. Hello, world! I'm Sourabh 👋🏾 While this has already led me to build my next upcoming product 😅 would love to hear any takes makers and users here have too. Are there any existing challenges you face? Any particular task you've been meaning to accomplish? Something a native webhook in Google Sheets could solve without you having to write any code or sign-up for a new platform? Also, a sly move on my part to fish for a hunter (the irony).


Alexander Ivanov
I'm not sure this will work as intended. Notice the built-in edit trigger. Even it doesn't guarantee any stable work. I think an index or marking of rows would be much more useful features. Why close Fusion Tables (the irony)?
Sourabh Choraria
@alexander_ivanov3 Ahaha. I hear you. Also feel bad for missing the opportunity to work with Fusion Tables. I actually ended creating a workspace add-on that's more of a guided workflow on how people could enable the Apps Script API (not connected to GSC) and then the add-on could make use of creating a container-bound script, updating it with code that's open-source (hosted on GitHub) and deploy it too. The flow does get tricky when it comes to authorizing the newly minted container-bound script but I've handled it by showing a custom menu and instructions to authorize using that.
Dominik Kugelmann
Well that would be something. Also still missing fusion tables; that was quite a ride back then. Who's going to open-source the appscript on github though? ;)
Sourabh Choraria
@dominik_kugelmann So, I've been working on creating generic code for accepting GET and POST incoming requests in Apps Script that's live on GitHub already — Plan on launching a Workspace add-on soon where users will be guided to add this to their spreadsheets automatically, without writing / copy-pasting code 🤓