Do we like resumes? Are they really sustainable? Are they still cool?

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I think resumes are very generic and brick and mortar and plain old boring I feel like hiring managers honestly get tired of seeing the same thing being copy and pasted by each applicant? You honestly don't get to really know who you're hiring And simply linking your social media accounts isn't really it...


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Dorry Levis
The lack of work while I was looking for it was a difficult period for me and required a lot of time, effort and patience. One day I realized that it was time to stop and bring in specialists to help. Then I found a resource on the Internet where, using the knowledge and experience of professionals, I could not be alone with my difficulties, but to watch and listen to what I did, and, with the help of professionals, make some changes in my life. I consulted with experts and realized that I need to look for a job from the first thought that I need a new job, when I start to feel uncomfortable in the current work environment, because it is easier to get a job when I work. Now I do not make such mistakes and I hope that my current work will bring me complete satisfaction.
@dorry_levis what does this have to do with resumes?
Monika Gren
According to a job search study by the New York City Microeconomic Data Center, already employed workers received 23% more job offers on average than unemployed workers. Let's dig deeper: New York Federal Reserve Bank research shows that almost half of job offers ( 48.7%) for this four-week period went to people who already had a job, but were actively looking for others. But 26% of the offers went to currently employed people who weren't even looking for a job. Another 8.5% went to students, retirees or others outside the labor force. It appears that working people don't even have to actively look for a job to get a benefit package.
Sara Jampen
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