Discussion on finding SaaS ideas people are already paying for and carving out piece for yourself.

Cody Krecicki
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I've built a lot of things over the years. I've even been lucky enough to be the #6 top product of the day. That has not meant rain falling from the sky or, for that matter, people using the service if I try to charge for it. I was masterminding on an Instagram message session with a friend about making profitable micro saas. I realized something pretty solid. ***Make things that people already spend money on. *** This is, however, not always as straightforward as you'd think or, for that matter, attainable because of the competition from large funded teams. How many of you have exited a SaaS? Alone. Not funded. Who has been making a living off their SaaS for over 8 years or more? I love making fun app ideas. The hole developers like myself get stuck in is making these fun side projects because we fear we will not take some of the money from the already paying customers' spaces. Because of the fear of competing against funded companies, we make fun apps that people don't typically spend money on, or you find free Everywhere. Let's start a discussion on identifying, competing, and SaaS ideas that people already spend money on and expect to not get for free. :)


Fraser Jeffrey
To speak to your last point, a broad category of solution that people expect to not get for free is one that helping an existing successful business make more money. It's a win win, they'll happily pay $100++/month subscriptions to help scale. As the product creator, because you're dealing with professionals, you're less likely to experience churn and other problems. You'll likely be able to get them to advocate for your product to their network in the same niche if it's valuable.