Jaskiran Kaur
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How are you digitizing your businesses ?


Jack Davis
If you are referring to transitioning your business from brick and mortar to digital, I would say make a website. You could set this up with something like Shopify and sell whatever you were selling on the website. You could start to run ads on Google and Facebook to increase traction as well!
Jaskiran Kaur
@jack_davis7 That's a very great idea Jack and I think a mobile application can also help in digitizing business too and like you said promoting it by running ads on Google , Facebook ,etc
I would say make your team fully remote, no office, no physical meetings, then they start using digital tools (Covid taught us). Do onboardings only remotely and online from now on, that's a good filter digital savviness and remote readiness. Digital coworkers start creating digital products.
Rittey Aaron
Make a website if it's a store and web based applications are available to help you run it remotely the better. Just a thought