Digital Banking

Surbhi Moghe
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Curious about the adoption of neobanks such as Revolut/Monzo. Have you tried using it? What did you like or dislike? Do you think users would adopt neobanks in India?


Fatoumata from We Ynspire
I use a neo-bank and I love it because the support is more fast plus the interface of their apps are really good.
Dimitris Karavias
I've used Revolut, Monzo, Starling for both personal & business. All of them have good apps, decent integrations, and better exchange rates. Revolut seems strong right now with great exchange rates and some Premium features I use anyway so financially it makes sense. Support has been tricky sometimes especially when they need documents.
Frank Nappi
I use a neo bank and I its really amazing, By the way, I am looking for buying research paper to my work. I also looking for it on internet, If anyone knows where I can get it then please let me know. I hope I will find it soon.
Nick Bess
I used Monzo. Didn't face any issues. Also, I like its app and exchange rates.
Emily Harris
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Dario Banesr
Good afternoon, advise me a bank through which it will be possible to transfer euros in other countries to other accounts? I need it to pay for goods and raw materials for production. Everything is bought in other countries.
Not all banks allow you to transfer in euros to different countries, most often you can transfer in euros to Germany and France, in other countries they start to convert in other currencies or generally block the transfer or write that it is not possible.
Dario Banesr
This is if the bank has such a function, not all banks allow you to transfer funds to other countries. Most limit transactions within the country.
Normal digital banks allow you to transfer funds in any currency to different countries of the world. I have been looking for a long time for a digital bank like this to use for transfers to countries in Europe, Asia and South Africa, among others. I recently did a cross border euro bank transfer through this digital bank. I use it regularly, I send money transfers worth five zeros a month, and sometimes six zeros. I buy raw materials from foreign companies and then I produce the finished product in my factory.
Antino Labs
Digitalization in banking is a technologically enabled cultural, institutional, and functional shift. Digital transformation, in its simplest basic form, is the progression to digitized client services delivered over the Internet. In a deeper context, digital transformation entails enhancements to a variety of areas such as offers, automation systems, user experience, advanced analytics, team building, and marketing.