Define your product or the one you use the most in less than 5 words.

Saurabh Chandarana
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In todays era, either people are busy or have low attention span or have a lot of content available online to consume. So, how would you define the value proposition of your product in less than 5 simple words for a normal person to understand?


Pierre Kraus
Defining the value proposition is crucial and not an easy task. Here's mine: Own & control your data.
Stefan Morris
mine: Content management for professionals
Saurabh Chandarana
I will go next here : free schedule automation
Gleb Braverman
Create and share voice stories!
Fabian Maume
QApop : Data for Quora Marketing
Martina Hackbartt
This wasn't so easy to think!. ReSkript ( all-in-one collaborative workspace