Data visualisation tool wishlist

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A question for those interested in data analysis, without coding/SQL skills: What features would you need/like to see in a data visualisation tool?


Adam Casole-Buchanan
Query combination suggestions. When I was first learning SQL, I wished there was just a tool that sat on top of PostGre, and recommended Query Combos for correlation. Absurd to useful.
dwi asharialdy
I heavily use Metabase nowadays, I really love their query builder, it allows me to join multiple tables and summarize all the information we need in under one minute without writing a single line of SQL. Although I'm relatively satisfied with its features, I'd would be nice if we can join tables across different database/data source. Also, I wish there was a top-down approach in visualize data. Something like the Exploration feature in GA4, where the first step is, we chose how the information will be displayed visually, then we specify which data should we include.