Data Analytics & Science Resources

Amit Gupta
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Hey Guys, I am looking for Data Analytics & Science Resources like tools, blogs, books, podcast, newsletter, communities, conferences, template, YouTube channels.. means around data anything and everything. If someone has complied please share and do let me know how I can help you.


Fabian Maume
Good free course on the topic: Good newsletter on the topic:
Hey Amit, I personally like the Udemy courses on programming Python. Great as a starter resource. I'm also a huge fan of BI tools and the onboarding training that companies like Tableau, Power BI and Google provide. Hope that helps!
Kumar Sankalp
Hey Amit, I also struggled to find resources on data science, ai and cyber security topics. So I decided to write a blog on this topic so am I writing a blog on data science. kindly look into the below URL, I am sure this will be helpful for you. Here is the link: Data Science Category Link:
Amanda Trincher
Try to read the blogs of companies that deal with similar technologies and solutions. For example they have a lot of great blog posts on these topics. I think it will be useful
Saniya Sharma
Great post. Thanks for sharing. SevenMentor's Stylish Classes for Data Science course in Pune helps you to become a Data Scientist with exposure to R Programming, Python, Tableau, and numerous others. This Data Scientist course in Pune will give you hands-on experience with technologies and job backing. Click here :
Vinod Saini
Hi Amit, here is the url, you can explore and get the required ifnormations:
Mayank Sharma
Sure, Amit. I know how hard it is to find the genuine resources. will share some of the blogs that are very resourceful. Blog on data science -