[crypto] Is there a coinmarketFACT to gather every kind of metrics?

Arnaud De Backer
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I'm looking for investing into the next skyrocketing cryptocurrency! But I don' want to invest only on my pure intuition. I try to gather as much FACTS as possible before investing. I'm using coinmarketcap to follow the price evolution of the market cap, price and volume; both on global and on specific cryptos. I'm using tokenview and blocktivity to track the overall activity (like # transactions/day or size of txs) of a specific blockchain. I'm watching whale_alert on twitter to track if there were abnormal activities on a blockchain I'm using cryptomiso.com and github.com to see the developping activity of a specific project. I'm reading twitter and cryptopanic to check if there's been any hot news. I'm using google, twitter, lunarcrush and some facebook groups to follow the global trend/hype. Finally, I'm using tokentax.co to calculate the taxes on my investments. As you can see, there quite a lot of parties involved in this process and it requires manual work to gather it all. I'm looking for something that would somehow gather it all for me :D! Do you know any website/app that already tracks suck infos? What do you use personnaly?
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