Could you please suggest the best live chat software for my website ?

Jithin Rajiv
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Hi, Could you please suggest the best live chat software for my e-learning website? Currently, I am looking for a free solution. Already tried Livechat, Tidio, Any other suggestions?


Kanika Tibrewala
We used Intercom for Been pretty happy with it.
Intercom looks good but might be little expensive... Cheaper alternative can be
Nikita Dutta
There are many service providers available online. However, after an in depth study and comparison between various tools, it is evident that Chat Metrics’ live chat software is the most effective one because they have agents who are available all the time to answer the queries of the website visitors instantly. This helped many websites to double up their sales within a very short period of time. Visit the website -
Nikita Dutta
Having a simple live chat is not enough for your online business. This is the reason why we suggest you use the services of Chat Metrics ( as they offer 24/7 managed live chat services. Now how is it different? There will be agents present all the time to answer the queries of your website visitors instantly, without any delay. This way, your potential customers can easily find what they are looking for!
Henry Robinson
Yes, the best live chat software that I have been using for years is Chat Metrics ( The tool promotes conversational marketing by interacting with the website visitors and easily converting them to leads. So, since the time I have started using it, my bookings have been doubled up.
Henry Robinson
I would suggest you try managed live chat services from Chat Metrics ( I have been using this service for a very long period of time, and to my surprise, I was actually able to double up my sales within a very short period of time. I got a full-fledged team of experienced sales and marketing agents who are always available on my website to answer the queries of my website visitors instantly.
Adriel Cruz
You can check It has lots of great features and easy to embed on any website. Also, it's optimized, fast, and free!
Rachelle sy
RumbleTalk Chat. You can easily embed this into your website, it comes with group chat, private chat, moderated chat where you can accept or reject a message before it goes live. You can also create multiple rooms, send any type of file, create polls and host Q&A sessions. It's a perfect place for your audience to engaging and stay longer on your website.
You could try ours, Very similar to Slack but has customer facing chat + chatbot, CRM and marketing features