Coding tests to hire

Alex Papageorge
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What are your thoughts on implementing coding assessments to the hiring process? One part of me says it's a big time saver. The other part of me questions the assessment, and if it's a good depiction of their skills. Also, some candidates flat out just won't take the assessment so you're potentially missing out on good talent... What are your thoughts - Good idea/bad idea?


Tobias Gray
As a developer and someone who has hired developers I see them as fairly standard. Flat out refusing to take one seems like a red flag to me. Though i've never experienced that so not sure why anyone would refuse, may be more to do with asking for tests that take multiple days rather than a couple hours? (I tend to keep the tests pretty short). I'm not a huge fan of doing coding tests in an interview setting but will still do them if it's asked. I much prefer short coding tests I can do and submit in my own time. I also don't think you'll ever get a full depiction of someones skill until you hire them and work with them for a while. That's likely true with all roles. A coding test is a good starter though to see how someone solves problems, their coding style and a few other things you can't as easily see in a regular interview.