Coda vs Notion?

Matthew Busel
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I'm curious if you like Coda or Notion better and why? I've been a long-time Notion user but spending a lot of time in Coda for research. I'm impressed by how powerful Coda seems to be. Are there certain use cases one seems to work better for you than the other?


Mohmmad Khalaf
what difference have you noticed between Coda and Notion since they are really similar. and do you recommend it? P.S: Notion user here. I Built my entire database on Notion
Matthew Busel
@mohammadkhalaf I'm actually writing a blog post on the differences (which I can share once it's done), but the short story: - Coda = more powerful tables/integrations which makes it more powerful/app-like - Notion = simpler, better UX which makes it better as a wiki Our company wiki is on Notion and I don't think we'll switch, but really impressed by what is possible in a Coda table.
Eudald Camprubi
I won't answer exactly your question. I am using Standard Notes. It does not offer all the functionalities Coda/Notion have, but it is a very good open-source and secure alternative.
Tanya Sharma
We use Coda internally, and I love Coda packs. The way Coda and Zapier can turn documents into apps truly! Coda has allowed us to: - Automate user feedback from various channels and populate it into tables - Create graphs and charts out of data super easily You're right about using Notion as a Wiki. We do use it as a resource library and somehow the UI is more intuitive for public pages - but maybe that's because more people are used to Notion? Would love to read your blog post on the comparison!
Matthew Busel
@tanyasharma Thanks for sharing this! That makes a lot of sense re: automating user feedback / creating graphs and charts. Definitely sounds like something Coda is > Notion for. Here's the comparison I wrote: Curious what you think!