co-building my first SaaS and would love some feedback! :)

Svenja Rossig
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Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹ This is my first time on Product Hunt.πŸŽ‰ I am currently co-building a new tool called Voicl, which is meant to enable the user to embed custom made voice notes anywhere onto their website.πŸš€ We want to provide the customer with a way to make their website more personal for their audience, help them scale and sell more by adding vocal CTA’s and even increase their customer retention.βœ… We have just updated our landing page and would love to receive some feedback from you guys!!πŸ’‘ Thank you and all the best!


Usama Khalid
We'd love some feedback and tips, don't be afraid to roast us if necessary. Here for your honest opinions. :)
Calum Webb
Hey! Love the look of your landing page and I think the idea of having voice notes embedded on a website is a really great one! It definitely makes a website much more personal, if you can hear somebody's voice. Do you have any plans to include closed captions for the voice notes? Just wondering whether it might make it more inclusive for people landing on a website with the embedded voice note who may not be able to listen to the voice note. Perhaps in the closed captioning you could allow makers to link to URLs when they say vocal CTAs?
Chandramouli Dorai
Congrats team! Some feedback: 1. Please add menu (Wait-list, video demo, MVP, etc) with anchor-tags for easy navigation 2. It would be great if the audio automatically plays rather we click and play it 3. Please secure the website - Chrome says the website is not secure 4. YouTube playlist should be renamed and made pubic for SEO 5. An audio CTA gallery would be cool All the best!