Climate Change and Unemployment (What are your thoughts?)

musa usman
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With the rise of unemployment, cost of living and Climate change, it has become necessary to minimize carbon emission and also improve the well being of citizens in united States and across the globe. There is need to optimize human movement from point A to B and also help people make money as they move around. More than ever we need to takecare of our planet as we see changes around the globe due to global warming. What are your thoughts? Share please.


Carina Quiroz
This is actually one of the reasons why I really like the idea of a UBI (universal basic income). Many people are stuck in places with poor job prospects because they lack the means to move elsewhere. Similarly, many people are stuck at low paying jobs that treat them terribly because they can't afford to quit. UBI would go a long way to fixing both of these problems by giving people the means to have a choice.
musa usman
@carinaq Well said Carina, through technology, alot is ging to change. Currently, we are building a product that will enable daily commuters and travelers to make money as they move around. This will ease the financial burden many low income families encounter. Also, it is an opportunity to connect with new people within the community. Isolation and depression are becoming ranpant across communities.