[ChangeLog] June 10 Changelog - Newsletter subscriptions, Shoutouts updates

Rajiv Ayyangar
12 replies

Newsletter Subscriptions

We've released a new landing page that makes it even easier to manage your newsletter subscriptions. And if you're not currently subscribed, be sure to check out all of the different newsletters we have available, like Deeper Learning (what's going on in AI) and Maker Stacks (what apps top makers use, and why).

Shoutouts Updates

When looking at a product hub, Shoutouts show you which top launches use (and love) that product. Now you can sort by Trending, Helpful, or Top. This makes it even easier to see new Shoutouts coming in along with the ones that are resonating with the Product Hunt community. You can also now mark the Shoutouts you find helpful.

Shoutouts also have a new look on launches. We've listened to feedback from makers and released a more minimal and streamlined design.

Shoutouts continue to be an amazing way to see which tools and products the Product Hunt community is using to build. Be sure to check out the Shoutouts Leaderboard to see the most loved ones.

In case you missed it

As a reminder, we recently introduced the ability to include interactive demos from Arcade in your launch. This is a great way to let the Product Hunt community goes hands on with your product's UX.

Take things to the next level and include Shoutouts and an Arcade demo for your next launch!


Julio Medina
Sweet! That newsletter lander is sexy af. Added two that I was not subscribed to and didn't know.
that’s cool, shoutouts are sometimes really useful, they have helped me discover quite a few new tech stacks and saas services 🫡
Gurkaran Singh
Excited about the new changes? Managing newsletter subscriptions just got as easy as ordering your favorite pizza toppings! And sorting Shoutouts by Trending, Helpful, or Top is like choosing toppings for your tech-savvy taco - the options are endless!
Sidra Arif Ali
Thanks for making the shoutouts section minimal; it looks cleaner and more appealing; the older one was just so bulky. Also, what is this unreviewed tag on the launch page?
Alina Sorokina
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Ade Yemi
Can someone explain how this works?
M Sulaiman
Awesome updates! The new newsletter subscription page and Shoutouts features are really useful. I'm loving the minimal design and the ability to sort Shoutouts by Trending, Helpful, or Top. Great job, Product Hunt team!
Dominic Mike
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