🎊 Celebrating 100 followers and +200 points on Product Hunt

Amartya Bhargava
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👋 Hello, Product Hunt Community! I'm celebrating, as the headline suggests, but I can't begin without thanking you! to the community here that inspires me every day to create something and experiment. Thank you to everyone who supported our latest product launch - always feel good as a maker. I'm not quite there yet and there's still a lot to learn. As a product guy, I'd like to network and expand my skill set while also learning about new ideas and intriguing concepts that people are working on. Finally, I'd like to use today to connect with as many of you as possible on LinkedIn, where I am fairly active. So please leave your links in the comments, and I'll make sure to follow and add you. Let's discuss and brainstorm on chat. (P.S.: I got this idea of posting to interact from a fellow Product Hunt member, thanks to the community once more.) Here is my link : 👔 https://www.linkedin.com/in/amar... Let the celebrations begin 🥳


Daniel Henry
Many Congratulations
Aishwarya Singh
Congratulations, Amartya! :)
Sakshi Gahlawat
Congratulations Amartya!
Janak Patel
Congratulation. Let's connect
Nabeel Amir
Congratulations Amartya.
Qudsia Ali