Care about using the right pronouns & gendered language in your communications?

Kesavan KK
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We built Dost ( - an AI assistant that helps you with use of right pronouns and gendered language while referring to an individual. Dost can be used as a chrome extension on any browser based application, or as a Slack / MS Teams app. Example of how the product works: Message: "Taro" is a woman on a mission. She works tirelessly to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Feedback from Dost Dost - Hey! "Taro" has set their pronoun preference as (they/them). Consider replacing woman with person, and She with They to make your message more inclusive. Edited message: "Taro" is a person on a mission. They work tirelessly to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” Appreciation from Dost Good Job! Your message uses appropriate pronouns and gendered language as per the individual's preferences. Are you likely to use a product like Dost to help you with right use of pronouns and gendered language?


Emelie Hebert Poulin
Amazing idea! Please keep us updated on the project. :)
Kesavan KK
We provide a framework that organizations can use to create inclusive job ads. This includes AUDIT for understanding the facts of today, BUILD inclusive communications + publish in an inclusive context, and CHECK for creating a sustainable momentum. Read more here: You can now audit, build and check your job ads right in the Lever TRM platform here:
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