Can you share your experience on having multiple jobs concurrently?

Edward Park
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Hello PH, This is an open-ended question. I've seen some of people especially in Silicon Valley having multiple jobs like... I've seen - you are a co-founder at startup x and also partner at a VC. How can you manage two or three jobs? I'm busy enough for doing just a single job and I cannot easily imagine myself doing so successfully. Perhaps, productivity tools help us living with multiple jobs successfully? Would be great if somebody in this community can share about how they can manage their time and keep the energy level high. At the end of the day, do you recommend doing so and was (is) it worth it? Would love to hear your experience.


Adam Żaczek
That's what I've been doing to bootstrap my company for 2 years now. I work at a day job + I am working on my own thing later. I would not recommend it unless it's necessary or unless your responsibilities only require small time investments. The hardest parts are managing burnout and focusing on the right thing to do. I find working out and family/friends time pretty essential to be able to keep it up for long. I often need a few minutes of doing nothing to focus properly. Making notes is a small and obvious thing but is often overlooked and helps with context switching a lot.
Edward Park
@adam_zaczek Thank you for sharing your own experience. It resonates with me - especially the controlling mentality part. Fighting against burnout is the most important in this case.