Can you share tips to tackle context-switching when building products alongside a full-time job?

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I feel like the context switching is affecting my productivity and state of flow. I've tried a few things like maintaining separate work hours but somehow it just doesn't work(maybe I lack the discipline).


Tim Heijn
I'd advise a short meditation in between switching to clear your mind. Most people are warry, but only until they've tried it ;)
Logan Samuel
@tim_heijn Thanks for sharing the tip of meditation. I will surly try it. Because I have the same schedule and switching of job. At the morning I work at school and after that I have to manage https://www.infantrymovingvanlin... where I am handling different orders related to movings and packing due to lazyness. Sometime I get stuck.
Charles Francoise
It's all about transition rituals. For me, phasing out of my day job starts with cooking dinner for my family. Then I'm lucky to have to help my son through his own transition rituals (for bedtime). Phasing back into the side-projects starts after bedtime. I usually smoke a cigarette while beginning to think about the project, or walking the dog. Anything but mind-grabbing activities like scrolling Twitter, or texting friends. Also, some days it's just hard to transition. Don't beat yourself up, don't see it as a failure. Forgive yourself for not working on your side-projects today, and remember that you're still working on them. You're still a person who'd doing this, and not doing it once or twice does not make you a failure. When I got a new job in April last year, I didn't touch my side-project for 9 months. But I knew I'd get back to it someday, and now, it's right about ready to launch next week! Hope that helps! Here's a bit more about transition rituals.