Can you recommend an alternative to MailChimp? 🐵

Tristan Viney
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Hi there 👋 We've been using MailChimp at Troopl for a few months, but every time I write an email I feel like throwing my laptop out the window. It's so clunky and non-intuitive to use. Perhaps I'm getting old. But perhaps there's a wonderful alternative out there. Can you help?


Zach Grosser
I've used @mailerlite for a few projects and really liked it.
Chris Hexton
Founder of @getvero here. Thanks @9rantys for the recommend. @tristan_viney would love if you'd check out our new Newsletters product: hopefully clean/clear/simple!
Tristan Viney
Hey @chexton 👋 looks super interesting. Very clean, very simple, very non-mailchimp. Keen to try it out.
Arpit Mishra
Mailergun, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, Lemlist (maybe!)
Jemmy Ryeys
Did you use mailerlite best one also they have android app so use can manage easily.