Can I get your feedback on managing project documents?

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Hi everyone, I’m new to Product Hunt 👋 My co-founder and I have worked on teams and companies of various sizes. We constantly ran into this issue where a team member asks for a spec, deck or design doc and we had hunt through browser history, email, Slack etc. We tried various options but nothing fit well as we really wanted a shared collection of documents per project with simple search. So we built our product, Hive. We would love to get some feedback on our solution. Our product hunt post: Cheers, Sunder PS: We realize it might have been better if we asked on Product Hunt before building but here we are 🤓


Shiva Prabhakaran
Who is your competition here?
@killshiva thanks for your response. The ones addressing project workspaces has a very different approach to solution and provides tab management. Another connects to each of your accounts and imports content. Browsers provide bookmarks and Edge has collections but are generic for all web content not document specific and don’t cover team collaboration. Each cloud provider has recents, search etc but don’t work across providers.