Can anyone recommend any IP lookup tools for geotargeting purposes?

Andrew Ivanov
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I want to identify my website's visitors’ precise locations to show them relevant offers. But I want to do it in bulk by checking multiple IPs. Are there any tools that can help me do it faster?


Hi Andrew! My marketing team was able to implement multiple location-based campaigns with the help of this bulk IP lookup tool https://ip-geolocation.whoisxmla.... It involved a three-step process: 1. Extracting the IP addresses from our website 2. Uploading the list of IP addresses to the GUI 3. Downloading the results Using the IP geolocation data, our marketing team determined where most of our website visitors are located. We now run multiple campaigns in different locations. I think there is also an API version of the bulk IP lookup tool, so there’s an option to integrate it into a website directly, although we haven’t explored this yet. Being able to perform bulk IP lookups is really helpful. I remember when it could only be done through a script, or worse, one by one. But, of course, there wasn't much need for the functionality before the explosion of mobile device usage. I believe that these days, companies need to implement location-based marketing and geotargeting just to keep up.
Keris Topa
Hi Andrew! You can consider to download and host the geolocation lookup database in your own server. It has lower latency and faster query. You can visit to use the free database.