BuildInPublic 00.2

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👋Greetings everyone, I am back with an update of my build in public journey. This week I am continuing to share everything around my product and process. What I’ve done this week: Administration work around opening the firm buying the domain, advising with a lawyer, registering the company, etc. All the creative stuff... First the name: WREB - abbreviation from (Write.Educate.Belong) The idea behind WREB is simple, write educational POSTS and turn them into a web book Why I started working on WREB First of all I am a writer myself. Second as a writer I hate re-posting my content everywhere everytime. Third, as a writer, I have a lot of bad experience with social algorithms converting my profile and content well 👀 Reason: social media are organized around follower based algorithms not interest based ones.💀(that’s why probably every content guru out there will tell you ‘Consistency is key’ well Yeah, BUT there is a reason behind that 🕳) PRO TIP The key to good content creation in the form of text and not only are: Authenticity. Unintentionally. Those are crucial for our expression as creators if we want to engage with our audience. Next week: I will show you the finished design of the WREB Landing page [Tools I use: XD | VScode ] The Landing page will be for converting WREB first beta testers🚀 Doing some more user research🙅🏼‍♀️ Merge results from the feedback form 🗣 Writing some code 🧚🏻‍♂️ See yah next week, take care 🔥 PS: If you’re a writer /blogger and want to participate into WREB user research, take a look at our form, we’ll be excited to read your feedback 🧠
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