Buildinpublic 0.3 + my content strategy

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👋Hi all, hope you are having a productive day today! Week 3 of sharing my #buildinpublic journey and thoughts. What I’ve done this week: Learned a little bit of Python🐍🧐. 🍺Beer with some awesome people, about their blogging journey, and how they handle their relationships with their fans. Just finished designing the WREB Landing page for first-time invitees. We`ve decided to use a Discord CTA on WREB Landing, instead of “Sign In or Register” ones. Keeping uptight with our first users is very important for us, we want to answer every question they would have. Also showing a sense of empathy and ownership to our first-time members is never superfluous! Some of you asked me what channels I use to post my buildinpublic highlights? Product Hunt - we try to push hard on PH, because our official launch will be there. We think most of our users will come just from the PH community. I share on the PH “Build In Public” Discussion page Marc Köhlbrugge website - It’s a website that makes it easy to see what other makers are tweeting as they build their products in public, and It's awesome, by now 320 people are posting their products on Twitter under the hashtag #buildinpublic, which is awesome! here is the link to Marc’s website: Indie Hackers - As I mentioned, we try to push hard on PH and answer every comment there, that’s why on Indie Hackers we share our postings in the Product Hunt group, by now 631 members. check it out here: LinkedIn - I must say that I`m not a fan AT ALL of LinkedIn, because their post authoring is buggy, resumes looks ugly, their lack of Search on the free version, and lack of creator content. But given that most of my IT professional friends I know are active there, It’s worth posting.. Polywork - WREB is an app with a professional focus and with a blogging element in its core, except my truly adore for Polywork and Its core mission, I use Polywork Feed not only to post what I am working on but to reach like-minded professionals who are also bloggers/writers/content creators thanks to Polywork beautiful and intuitive “Find Collaborators Search” page 💥 Content strategy: My overall copy strategy is simple, everything I write down as a text is the genie voice of the people I spoke with. for example: When I create a paragraph on every section of my Landing I put the exact same words that someone wrote down on the pet peeves question on the Form I send to people or the convos we had about their pain points and needs. You see, impartiality won't help you much. It’s just not worth it to wrap up your content based on your assumptions and thoughts or, because you think it will sound very smart, cool, or catchy. Your future users' words matter the most. Afterall you are trying to solve their problem and build a problem solver for their needs. This way you are protecting yourself from getting into the trap of the “Assumption Spiral” as I call it. Next week: Release of the WREB Landing page Writing some code 🧚🏻‍♂️ Speaking with people again and again and again every week as much as we could 💥 Pro Tip: The Goal of speaking with people and doing the “hard work” before even building anything is because I believe that when building something for people to love and adopt, you must start with the problem, NOT the solution. That’s why analyzing and strategizing around people's needs/problems is a CRUCIAL part of building your version 1. See yah next week, take care 🔥 PS: If you’re a writer /blogger and want to have a drink together (or you are just a curious person and would love to beer with us 🍺💀) 🧠Let's meet:


Nishith from True Sparrow
I'm loving this, and your other updates! More power to you. Very inspiring.
@nishith_shah And much more to come 🔥 🧠