Build-in-Public/Timeline App [feedback]

Gio Kakhiani
8 replies
Guys I'm building a timeline app so we can all showcase how much personal progress we've made or to simply share updates. I'm sharing the link to a design preview. Would you share some feedback? Link to Video:


Manoj Ranaweera
What's the URL for the app? I'm building in public. Here are my metrics - free talent for tech startups
Gio Kakhiani
@manojranaweera It's just the design. Will launch the beta this week! Do you want me to include you in my waitlist?
Gio Kakhiani
@manojranaweera Awesome ❤️ It means a lot to me 🤙
Maciej Cupial
What kind of problem your app solves?
Gio Kakhiani
@maciej_cupial Nice question Maciej ✌️I'm just building a tool for myself to demonstrate my accomplishments in a cool fashion.