Bootstrapped vs VC funded. Which, when and why?

Akash Bhadange
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I am seeing a lot of discussion around this topic all over the internet recently. As a first-time founder, I would like to understand which one you should prefer when and why. What are those pointers one should consider when heading in one of those directions?


Pablo Fatas
Head of Community @SigmaOS 🐢
I mean usually you bootstrap until you can get VC funded. The extra funds and ressources are usually valuable. But if you don’t need the money and you are succesfull then you really have no reason to give up ownership :)
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
@pablo_fatas Pretty much. There are cases of big companies being fully bootstrapped (like Mailchimp), but a lot of unicorns went through accelerators/got funding (Google, Dropbox, Reddit, etc.)