Bootstrapped vs funding? Which one and Why?

Dylan Merideth
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Ng Fang Kiang
Bootstrapped, always. Most successful startups mostly start with bootstrap until they reach a point where they need more funds to do bigger stuff. Eg: Meta(FB), Dell, Apple, Coca Cola, Cisco, eBay and so on.
Dylan Merideth
@jorcus thats a great insight, stay bootstrapped until its necessary to grow the way you need to
Paul Hart
Simply depends on the service / product being built. Anything that requires hard sciences / real engineer needs funding to support talent and development. Other than that getting scrappy is a good place to start imo. πŸ‘
Dylan Merideth
@snakecharmer I couldnt agree more Paul, biotech seemingly always has large funding rounds due to the cost of devlopment
Qudsia Ali
Bootstrapping is a legitimate, viable option for getting your business going. More today than ever before, businesses are being built without significant funding from outside investors. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't explore all of your funding options, but it does mean that bootstrapping has a lot to offer as well.
Dylan Merideth
@qudsia_ali Its a trend we would like to ride! It helps us limit risk and stay hungry through ups and downs. Thank you for the response
John Radford
Both. Bootstrapped first then funding once you have product market fit