[Beta Testers Required] Web designers and developers out here, what do you think of this product?

Tuhin Bhuyan
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Implement lead capture, forms, polls, surveys, chats and other features on static websites without writing any backend code Website: https://particle.systems Particle Systems is a collection of UI components (for websites) that are designed for specific purposes like capturing leads, feedback, appointments and other types of user details. The captured data is then passed to relevant cloud apps via integrations. Benefits: ✅ Implement the most common features of a modern website without getting into backend stuff ✅ Even if you are proficient in backend development, no need to roll out yet another backend for these features. You save countless hours on every project. ✅No need to migrate captured data between your database and 3rd party apps. (More benefits on the website) Thanks a ton for reading, I am early waiting for your suggestions, advice and thoughts :)


Calum Webb
Hey Tuhin, This looks interesting although I'd suggest instead posting the product on Product Hunt here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...!