Best Way to Reach Canadian University Students for my Fintech App?

Aidan Tighe
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I am building an app that allows users to create groups and send money. It is a similar idea to Splitwise, except you can actually transfer funds in-app (+added functionality; peer-to-peer payment, larger fundraising campaigns, etc.) We will be targeting University students to start, and will only be available in Canada. Any advice on best practices to get in front of as many Canadian uni students as possible? Thanks!! Would love to connect with anybody here & chat further if interested!


CEO adtech | Coach | Sustainability
Hi Aidan, Look for student associations. They know their universities well, have a significant amount of members, and some have quite a lot of reach within the student community. So: 1. Pick one of the biggest Canadian universities 2. Find a few of their student association (here's an example: 3. Build a relation with some of their leaders either through direct outreach, LinkedIn, or by connecting on with the association on social media. 4. Repeat 1-3 with another university.