Best way to get paid subscribers for a newsletter?

Juan Jesús Millo
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Hello! I have a product design newsletter ( and was thinking about paying some for some paid traffic, but the question that arises me is Based on your previous experience, which source worked for you? Twitter? Google Ads? Facebook? Other newsletters? Websites? Any recommendation? Thanks!


Nabeel Amir
I believe Google ads and Facebook ads will work better if you take care of the following points while crafting a newsletter. 1. Craft a more compelling offer 2. Make it as easy as possible to enter an email address 3. Encourage people to forward your newsletter 4. Minimize the clicks it takes to subscribe 5. Consider using QR codes 6. Engage new subscribers immediately with your thank-you page 7. Give the user more control over the content 8. Invite subscribers through your social networks 9. Craft your subject lines like Tweets 10. Maximize the email preview