Best tools to find a technical cofounder

Daria Donato
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What resources have worked for you or others that you know about? Thanks!!


Nurlan Nurmanov
I am a technical founder and let me share my view. Have you validated your idea? Do you know how to monetize your product? Do you have initial customers? If you have answered all the questions, it will be much easier to find a technical founder. You can look for them on indiehackers, twitter or github.
I am as well a technical founder and as developer I've got asked like billion times to develop an idea that would have make me rich! Usually you stop most of people with two questions: - What will be your business plan to monetize? - Do you have money to invest? This is enough to stop people because of course most of time they didn't even think about the business plan or that some money are still needed when you start build a company. So to get me convinced you have to prove yourself you are a valuable and trustable person, why should I invest in your idea? What value will you give, starting idea a part? Who else will be founding, and same question, what additional value will they give? It's so hard question at all, actually I've worked with so many people, and the number of them whom I'd start a company can be count on a hand.
Jainam Shah
I think СoFoundersLab is a best one.
Sudheer Bandaru
Check out Y-Combinator co-founder match.