Best survey questions to get visitor feedback on SaaS websites?
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Hi Hunters, I am looking for suggestions to ask via survey tools. We are exploring both Typeform and The idea is to get quick feedback from first-time visitors to the website. It will help in engagement, direct feedback on the relevancy of the content, and things we do quickly to improve our product for more engagement. Qinaps is a Software as a Service application encouraging content creation and reuse. It's a hybrid between mind-mapping and note-taking. But it's amazing when it comes to collaboration, reusability, and content discovery.

I want to ask questions about relevance of the information in the use-cases and the features.
Rating the content of Qinaps website
What could be some other questions, remember this survey is not on the tool itself, it's going to embedded on the website of @qinapsworkbooks
Website surveys can be used to gather all types of voice of customer feedback, but it’s only useful if you ask the right questions. We’ve compiled the most commonly used questions among our customers to put together the ultimate list of questions to choose from. Sometimes the right wording makes all the difference, so we’ve included a couple different examples for each question: my gift card site