Best newsletters/podcasts/authors you follow to keep learning?!! 📑🔒💡🎙

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We have one of the most vibrant and intelligent communities in the world! Which is why I believe it is important to learn from one another! I would love to hear what newsletters/podcasts/authors you spend your valuable time on! Anything involving Startups, Founder Growth & Product! Go!! 👇👇👇


Akinori Nakajima
E.B. White A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.
Alexander Moen
I have taken a different approach lately. I feel like much of the world has gone the way of trying to consume more and more information and find new people and podcasts, etc etc. Instead, I try to find a topic that I can implement in business right away, and do it alongside whatever book, audiobook, podcast episode, long YouTube video, etc. The point of information consumption should not be to simply consume a lot and know a little about a lot. The point of information consumption should be to learn and immediately execute. When doing it this way, you learn it better because you are doing it. And then you find the holes in your implementations, so you can find another expert piece of content speaking to that hole. That's what I think will be better for getting results, which is the whole point. If you're not implementing a good portion of what you're spending time consuming, I believe we should be using that time to build our business instead. So, I've been less following contributors and more following whatever my next big task is. Right now I'm reading a book called "$100M Offers" by Alex Hormozi. I'm looking to develop a premium pricing strategy and his stuff just seems really on point for doing that in smart ways that lead to more cash flow, standing out in the marketplace, etc.
@alexander_moen That's wonderful advice. Consumption for implementation is definitely something we should be mindful to be doing. I recently read a tweet from @amandanat where she discusses the importance of an information diet and how important the quality of that diet is. I haven't read "$100M Offers", but I'll check it out and see if it something that can help me continue to execute efficiently and successfully. Thanks!