Best issue tracking for small/growing startup?

Moritz Wallawitsch
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Hi Product Hunters and PMs! There comes a time when a project with a few enthusiastic coders graduates from simple kanban to complex project and issue management with many dozens of engineers. We at are currently comparing: - - - - GitHub project boards but the decision seems harder than we thought. What is your recommendation and why?


David Tran
We are using Trello at our startup, it is enough to use. The Trello's business version just got more features which make project management even easier.
James Simmons
I’d strongly recommend Jira. There’s a little learning curve, which can be figured out in a half day of everyone watching YouTube videos, with the huge payoff that going forward you’ll be using the industry standard tool that integrates with everything, most new hires will know how to work with it, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Any of the others you mentioned... I’m certain they’re good products, and in some aspects I’m sure they’re better products, but this isn’t the place to try and be different! :) The one other option I’d consider would be Azure DevOps Services, even if you’re not a Microsoft shop. If you’re planning to run scrum... it’s a great suite of tools and likewise isn’t going anywhere any time soon!
Moritz Wallawitsch
@james_simmons Thank you! I always perceived Jira as complex and loaded with too many features but will take a second look :)
Stephane Ibos
Hello. We've created pretty much to help with this. In case you want to have a look, I'd be more than happy to get your feedback (good, bad and ugly) - and see if it can be of any assistance in your situation.
Stephane Ibos
@moritzwallawitsch Sounds good. Any feedback will be awesome! Seeing your update, I'd say you made the right choice. Check out our scrum/kanban board, it might complement Github quite nicely and cleanly. Thanks for your reply! All the best!
Moritz Wallawitsch
Update: We decided on GitHubs project management feature: Mainly because we already use Notion for most of our project management of other departments. We were mostly looking for an issue-tracker / engineering management type of application. And since our codebases and issues are already on GitHub we decided to stay there.
Ilia Pikulev
We were frustrated seeing no good solutions for Tasks/Chats/Calls in one place so we created a nice solution which is called Coloban ( That one helps tracking issues and keeping the conversations within the projects and it is actually nice to start with :)
Jared Cornell
I would recommend you use ProProfs Help Desk( to manage all customer service issues and complaints in one place. The tool is extremely easy to use and affordable, making it the perfect option for startups and small businesses. Let me know how it goes, good luck!